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Airport development

Projected traffic growth

Airport development in the future is forcasted to be moderate, but also stable. It is expected to reach 1.8 million passengers a year by 2020, with average annual growth rate of over 4%. At the same time, changes in the traffic are expected in favour of an increased share of foreign air carriers. When forecasting the number of aircraft movements, a trend of an increased aircraft capacity, i.e. the number of passenger seats was taken into consideration due to network optimisation of connections of air carriers. This anticipates average annual growth rate of 1.5%. Air cargo traffic is expected to grow at the average annual growth rate of 2.9%. 

Development of airport infrastructure

Development of airport infrastructure is based on Master Plan on Energy Strategy and the existing spatial plans. In recent years the company has heavily invested in modernisation of the essential airport infrastructure. It devoted approximately EUR25 mil to modernising its airport infrastructure in the period 2006-2010.A new part of the terminal was built, the airport apron was enlarged and rebuilt, the runway was reconstructed, and taxiways along the runway were completed and renovated.
Most of the infrastructure can still manage a considerable amount of traffic. However, the existing passenger terminal reaches its capacity ceilings at the time of the highest season. The renovation project of the passenger terminal along with the projected traffic growth will help resolve the most pressing problem of bottlenecks for a couple of years. Checkpoints of passenger security screening will be enlarged and relocated to a new location. The airport check-in area is also going to be renovated. We are going to provide a better passenger flow from the check-in to the area of duty free shops and the departure lounge. This area is also going to be partially renovated. The baggage reclaim area is going to be enlarged, the baggage handling system technologically updated, and the departure baggage handling system expanded. The majority of these works will be completed in 2018.
The project of relocating the road passing by the airport is in progress. The road section in the length of 2.4 km including three roundabouts is partially being financed by Fraport Slovenija (35%), and the rest is being funded by the government and the municipality. The project will be completed by 2018. The new road is a fundamental requirement to develop a business & logistics zone, the so-called Aeropolis, which is planned on the north side of the airport. More about Aeropolis at www.lju-airport.si and in a brochure.

Spatial development project

Expansion of the airport is expected on the north side of the runway. The spatial development of the airport facilities comprises as follows:
- Newly designed and expanded passenger and air cargo terminal facilities;
- Relocation of the main road Kranj-Mengeš in order to provide a necessary piece of land for the development of the airport and accompanying commercial activities and to improve the access to the airport;
- Development of the internal road system and parking areas adjacent to the airport, and
- Extension of energy and public utility infrastructure in compliance with the development needs.