1963 - 1970

The first aircraft landed at Brnik at 1045 on 24 December 1963, marking the official opening of the airport.  Adrias DC-6B was followed by JATs Caravelle.  Regular air traffic, after the grand opening, started on 9 January 1964.
JAT maintained a regular daily line to Belgrade. There were also three flights to Dubrovnik each week and one flight to London per week. The Slovene air company, Adria Aviopromet, had a regular flight to Belgrade and Algiers every 14 days.

In 1965 air traffic increased sharply.  Brnik airport had increasing international use, especially as a charter flight airport.  Due to a simplified flight application procedure, the number of tourist flights with single or twin engine sports aircraft increased dramatically.
In June, air-taxi service started, offering panoramic flights above the neighbouring villages, a welcome novelty for tourists and other visitors. Such services were always in great demand.
The market was very open, as indicated by the data regarding the number of companies operating from Brnik. In 1965 15 foreign airlines used Brnik airport.  The following year this increased to 26.

Competition in tourism was increasing. As Brnik was too far away from tourist resorts, Aerodrom Ljubljana  took over management of the airport in Pula.  In comparison with the previous year, traffic at Brnik airport was halved as the majority of charter flights were transferred to Pula.

At the end of 1968, JAT introduced a weekly cargo schedule of Belgrade-Ljubljana-Munich, using a DC-3, which could carry 2800 kilograms. Another schedule, Belgrade-Ljubljana-Zurich was introduced later, using the same type of airplane. The two final destinations were a jumping point for trans-oceanic cargo transport, which meant an advantage to Slovenias economy, as its products could be delivered faster.