1991 - 2000

The year 1991 was a decisive one for the airport.
As Slovenia gained independence, Ljubljana airport became the central national airport, but at the same time lost lot of traffic due to political and military developments on the territory of former Yugoslavia.  On 26 June, at 1330, the airspace above Slovenia was closed, and the airport as well.
In the middle of September 1991, air traffic moved to Klagenfurt airport due to these circumstances. The airport was shutdown, with rare exceptions, until February 1992.  The time in between was used by Ljubljana Aerodrom to renovate the airport building, restore the airport platform for aircraft parking, to introduce IT for staff and passengers.

The annual traffic for 1992 was 248,851 passengers, which was very little compared to previous years.  Due to changes, the airport lost more than half a million passengers that could not be restored or replaced later.  The only Slovene airline, Adria Airways, became Ljubljana Aerodroms largest business partner.  Due to decreased traffic at the airport, the opportunity arose to re-surface the runway.

In 1992 and 1993, the biggest expansion of the terminal occurred.  The passenger terminal increased from 4000 m2 to 6000 m2.  Also, state-of-the-art precision-approach radar was installed.

The rising trend, that was characteristic for the post-independence years, started slowing down in 1996. The annual passenger number doubled from 1991 to 1996, cargo traffic more than doubled, and the number of aircraft doubled.  At the beginning of 1996 a new department was introduced the General Aviation Centre.  With this re-organisation the quality of services for aircraft maintenance was increased, enabling a new and strong selling point in airport-services marketing.
The Company underwent ownership restructuring in 1996.

The Company was registered as a public limited company on 28 January 1997. At the first general meeting of shareholders held on 3 July 2007 the Supervisory Board was appointed. The Supervisory Board subsequently appointed the Management Board. 
Ordinary, freely transferable shares are being traded within A quotation of Ljubljana Stock Exchange since 8 October 1997.

In the spring of 1998 an important increase in the number of airlines operating from the airport occurred.

In January 1999 the airport acquired a CAT III B license for operation in low visibility conditions and thus entered a company of some hundred other airports in the world possessing similar equipment.  Another extraordinary event occurred in 1999:  The visit of President Clinton.  The airport services showed a high level of professionalism and work quality, earning them a commendation by the guests.
Since January 1999 all of ordinary shares are being freely traded on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

The parking lot capacity was increased to 1400 parking spaces from the previous 1000. The building and system for luggage pick-up was also renovated.