Mission statement

Our mission is to ensure efficient and safe operation of Slovenia’s gateway, provide competitive and high-quality services to our users, customer care, and to foster a beneficial and pleasant business environment for our partners and all stakeholders.


Our vision is to become a competitive point of entry to the Alpe-Adria region and the first choice for passengers, airlines and other users in the region, as well as to contribute to the sustainable development and progress of the company, the state and its inhabitants.

Strategic objectives

To accomplish its mission and vision, Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.o.o. has set the following strategic objectives for the 2014 to 2020 period:

  • Increasing traffic in terms of passengers, aircraft movements and cargo,
  • Balancing structure of air carriers,
  • Improving the network of scheduled flights by introducing new destinations and flights on existing routes,
  • Consolidating the airport’s role as a regional hub of traffic flows and connections between North-West and South-East Europe.
  • Increasing the offer of low-cost flights,
  • Fulfilling our ambition to provide intercontinental flights by attracting an airline which will chose the Ljubljana Airport as its point of entry to Central Europe,
  • Attracting another airline to set up its base at the Ljubljana Airport,
  • Contributing to increased interest abroad for Slovenia as a tourist destination,
  • Increasing the number of passengers from Austria, Croatia and Italy who use our airport as their starting point for travels abroad,
  • Increasing revenue, particularly from commercial services,
  • Effectively and quickly adapting to changes in the business environment and technology,
  • Pursuing enterprise risk management,
  • Ensuring the requisite investment in critical and other infrastructure and equipment to allow for further development in traffic,
  • Developing human resources and encouraging innovation, and
  • Ensuring competitive fuel prices