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Special baggage


Transport of special baggage needs to be confirmed in advance, additional charges usually apply. Detailed information concerning the special baggage rules can be found on the website of the carrier.

Special baggage is:

  • sports equipment (bikes, surfes, skis, diving equipment …),
  • weapons (for sports and hunting),
  • medical device (oxygen …),
  • music instruments

Large hand baggage in the cabin

This category includes baggage, which a passenger wants to have by himself all the time for various reasons, and exceeds the allowed weight or dimensions for hand baggage. Usually additional ticket should be bought

Detailed information concerning the hand baggage rules can be found on the website of the carrier or you should contact your agent.

Electronic devices

The use of certain electronic devices on the aircraft is limited or. prohibited. Therefore, you are requested to turn off your electronic devices before embarkation.

The use of electronic devices requires prior consent of the carrier, in addition, compliance with the instructions of the cabin crew is required. For detailed information, contact your airline or travel agent.

Electronic devices in checked baggage must be completely turned off, which should be done before check-in.