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Transport of Animals


The airline should be informed about the transport of animals already when purchasing tickets. During check-in all the relevant documents should be presented.

For animals with EU passport it is required:

  • Passport (issued by authorised veterinary service),
  • Valid vaccination against rabies,
  • ID microchip or tatoo (tatooed before July 3 2011).

For additional information please check web sites or the responsible bodies of the individual country, or read the appropriate rules and regulations.

Read more at: http://www.uvhvvr.gov.si/en/areas_of_competence/international_affairs/movements_of_pet_animals/

Usually the animals are transported in a separate baggage compartment, only small pets such as dogs, cats or birds, weighing up to 5 kg can be carried in the cabin. They should be placed in an appropriate cage or basket with a leakproof bottom.

Additional charges usually apply.

Contact details of BIPs in EU member states: https://ec.europa.eu/food/animals/vet-border-control/bip-contacts_en