DHL opens new terminal

DHL has opened its new operations terminal at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. From now on this will be the joint location for the activities of DHL's two units in Slovenia. The terminal is the first facility in the business-logistics zone known as Airport City that Aerodrom Ljubljana is planning at the airport.

The activities of DHL's two units in Slovenia at the airport will now be concentrated at the airport: handling, sorting and customs clearance of DHL express shipments within its Express division and groupage road freight within its Freight division. Centralisation is also taking place at DHL's other European logistics centres, enabling optimisation of operations and thus reducing delivery time. The improvements to operations at the new terminal will mean improvements to the EXPRESS 12:00 service, which offers delivery by 12.00 pm (midday) to all major cities in the world, and the EXPRESS 9:00 service, which offers delivery by 9.00 am.

The new terminal is the first facility in the newly created business-logistics zone known as Airport City. With Airport City, Aerodrom Ljubljana plans to develop Slovenia's main airport into a transport terminal that will function as a logistics, business and commercial zone in the true sense of the word as a junction of road, rail and air routes. The various operations involved in the transhipment of goods to different means of transport will be carried out at the airport. The facility will also meet warehousing and other logistics needs in goods transfer operations. DHL's activity at the airport is a step towards the realisation of one of Aerodrom Ljubljana's main development goals: that of increasing the volume of freight traffic.

The DHL facility was built by a partnership involving companies of the GH Holding group and Aerodrom Ljubljana. Aerodrom Ljubljana provided the site and infrastructure worth EUR 0.6 million euros. Intering Holding d.o.o. invested EUR 2.5 million euros. The builder of the more than 2000 m2 of warehousing space for the processing of shipments and the 700 m2 of office space was SGP Pomgrad of Murska Sobota. Construction lasted five months, beginning in late April and ending in late August this year.

Zg. Brnik, 17 October 2007