In the company of the most respected employers

On 21 November, Aerodrom Ljubljana was voted one of the most respected employers in Slovenia. We are extremely proud of this distinguished recognition which is the result of extensive research in the labour market. We constantly strive to ensure good working conditions and a pleasant organisational climate for our employees.

This certainly contributed to our favourable recognition in a professional research project in which almost 9,000 people participated. The purpose of the internet survey, carried out by the company Moje Delo between December 2006 and October 2007, was to determine what type of reputation Slovenian companies enjoy amongst candidates in the labour market and which, according to their opinion, are the most respected. The best companies were announced in the scope of the Kariera07 (Career07) fair. The reputation of an individual employer was determined by a special ratio comprised of the recognisability and consideration given to a company as a possible employer, as well as the first choice of an individual survey respondent. Our company was selected amongst the 20 best companies of the nearly 300 which participated. This distinguished recognition earned us a certificate as respected employer. 

At Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d., where we manage Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, we offer our employees the opportunity to build a career from the moment of employment. We offer our workers secure employment and stimulate a sense of belonging and personal development through an established work plan. Most airport professions require specific knowledge and legally prescribed work permits which can only be obtained through workplace training. That is why we continuously provide for education made possible by funds received through public tender for the co-financing of employee training and education from the European Social Fund.
Zg. Brnik, 23 November 2007