Aerodrom Ljubljana begins construction of north car park

In the past few days airport operator Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d. has started construction on the north car park, with an access road and link to the main terminal. The works contractor is SCT d.d., and the project should be completed by November 2008.

SCT d.d. was selected as the works contractor from among seven bidders in a public tender, and the contract is valued at around 1.5 million euros. The value of the project in its entirety is estimated at approximately 2.6 million euros. The emerging car park will be able to accommodate up to 960 vehicles and will replace the existing open-air car park P2, which will be closed on the start of construction work on passenger terminal T2. This is envisaged in the first half of the coming year. The new car park will also involve the construction of an access road, minor modifications to the existing crossroads at the main entrance to the airport (pedestrian crossing) and access to the main passenger terminal. The crossing over the main road will be regulated by traffic lights. The car park will be entirely paved, and equipped with an automated parking system at the covered entrance, lighting, a video surveillance system and perimeter fencing.
A machine will be installed at the entrance for payment of parking fees, while it will also be possible to pay at the existing payment counters in the terminal area. A small bus stop will be situated by the entrance to the car park for the purpose of transferring passengers and baggage to the front of the main airport terminal.
This will be the first airport structure to be constructed on the other side of the national road G2-104 along section 1136 (Kranj Spodnji Brnik), on land owned by Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d.

Following the opening of the terminal, this project will be the next step towards fulfilling the target of developing the airport in the next 15 years into the leading regional airport. Development is under way in the area around the airport on a business and logistics centre, called Airport City, which will see the development of tourism, retail trade, storage, logistics and other activities associated with the airport. Recently bids were gathered for investor and operator of the airport hotel. Four bids were submitted within the required deadline, and Aerodrom Ljubljana anticipates that the selection process will be finally concluded in September, when a contract awarding structural rights should be signed with the selected bidder.

As part of the construction of the Airport City there are plans to establish a rail link with the airport, while the section of the Kranj Mengeš road by the airport will be shifted to the north. In the area of the airport there will also be new structures built for commercial and administrative operations, with car parks, recreation and sports facilities, manufacturing and commercial buildings and buildings for maintaining aircraft and airport maintenance operations.

Brnik, 16 July 2008