Diaspora project

From 08th until 13th of December our passenger terminal hosts Diaspora project. In cooperation with Zavod Maska we prepared a series of short videos in sound clips on modern nomads.

This is multimedia project that uses our internal sound system and plazma screens to show members of the public refugee problems, migrations and the role of the airport within it. Diaspora is a part of multimedia projects on migrations that artists Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman prepare since year 2002.

The term diaspora refers any population sharing common ethnic identity who were either forced to leave or voluntarily left their settled territory, and became residents in areas often far removed from the former.Diaspora is converse to the nomadic lifestyle. Diaspora cultural development often assumes a different course to the population in the original place of settlement, and tends to vary between remotely separated communities in culture, traditions and other factors.

Diaspora is one of the inter-media projects regarding migration. Diaspora is a common identity for migrants within the environment of their new settlement. The members of a Diaspora, as a rule, dont want to assimilate into their new society and act as if they havent moved to another country at all. The artists use audio, video and graphic announcements taken from public spaces within an airport. Short messages are used to show the position of a local community in the wider economic or political sense.

Zg. Brnik, 8th of December 2008