At three out of four selected locations in the area around Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, continuous..."/>


Noise monitoring begins in the area of the airport

At three out of four selected locations in the area around Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, continuous measurement and monitoring of noise has begun in the past few days.The airport operator, Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d., selected the company ZVD Zavod za varstvo pri delu d.d. in a public tender for the monitoring contract.

Previously, in agreement with the local community certain measures were adopted as a solution to the complex issue of limiting and monitoring noise. One of the key measures, continuous monitoring and measuring of noise, which will also enable the identification of violators, has been implemented in the past few days. The system of noise monitoring is part of the integrated approach to the issue of noise in the areas around the airport, and will help in a non-discriminatory way to improve the quality of life in the municipalities that surround the airport.

In line with the contract, the company ZVD d.d. has already set up three measuring terminals, which comprise a measuring system and computer as well as wireless connections, and they have been located at Vodice (Lokarje), Lahovče and Šenčur. Unfortunately owing to the negative response from local residents and landowners, the placing of a fourth measuring point in the area of the village of Voklo-Voglje has not been completed. The measuring points were selected on the basis of the most exposed settlements or locations under the approach and take-off paths. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has in this way joined more than 40 other European airports that have already implemented this kind of monitoring for the noise burden.

The measuring is conducted with the measuring terminals collecting data on noise levels, recording the sound of individual events and sending data continuously via the mobile phone network to a control centre, which is located at the head office of ZVD d.d. in Ljubljana. At the control centre data analysis is performed, and using various methods they determine the environmental burden from noise, individual sources of noise and daily and annual burdens of noise. In the near future we also anticipate a link with the source of radar data from air traffic controllers, which will enable easier distinguishing of individual noise events. Until then, using the audio recordings of noise events, the separation of individual noise sources will be performed manually. By listening to audio recordings and analysing the noise, which the system enables, in the majority of cases it will be possible to distinguish between individual sources of airport noise (aircraft) and other noise sources (traffic, field work, special events, exploding fireworks, dogs barking and so forth).

The company ZVD d.d. has many years of experience in measuring noise in the natural and living environment, and has performed similar monitoring for more than a year in the area of the Port of Koper. In the first phase the monitoring and measuring of noise will allow an estimate of the actual environmental burden of noise at measuring points. On the basis of results obtained, and using a noise map, the most heavily burdened areas will be determined, along with possible measures to reduce the burden on neighbouring populations from aircraft noise.

Brnik, 17 December 2008