Tin sky exhibition

Tin sky is a multimedia project by the art group Artornado in the passenger terminal. The project incorporates a variety of approaches to and views of the world of aviation.

Project leader Nino Mihalek, a master of international aviation/aerial photography, once again surprises us with his refined sensibility for original and consummately professional, full documentation of the IAS 2008 international aviation event in Maribor.  Video artist Tilen Pribela offers us some sequences from his video on gliding exhibitions, presenting them in interesting stroboscopically regulated graphical units.
Painter and multimedia artist Gregor Nartnik has managed to capture the massiveness and solidity of flying machines at rest using the anaglyph technique of stereoscopic photography. 3D glasses need to be worn to view these works!
Painter Zoran Lesjak's contribution to the exhibition includes, alongside his studio paintings, a number of sketches made on the spot at IAS 2008. These offer us a dramatic representation of the bold manoeuvres executed by the flying aces at the air show.
The exhibition will be shown until first of March.


Brnik, 22 January 2009