Finnair reintroduces Ljubljana–Helsinki service

Finnish flag carrier Finnair returns to Ljubljana Airport following the winter break. EasyJet adds flights to its summer timetable. Other new routes include the Adria Airways service to Madrid.
As of Sunday 29 March and the introduction of the summer timetable, it is once again possible to fly from Ljubljana to Helsinki (four times a week: on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday). The return of this service is very welcome since it was popular with both domestic and foreign passengers business travellers and tourists and cabin occupancy levels were over 80%. Finnair's home airport, Helsinki-Vantaa, is also an excellent starting-point for flights between Asia and Europe and is used by many airlines.
EasyJet has also announced additional flights over the summer season: 5 flights a week to London Stansted from 31 March, increasing to 1 flight a day from 4 July and 10 flights a week in August and September. Another new feature of the timetable is the Adria Airways service to Madrid. Adria has also reintroduced last year's scheduled summer destinations Barcelona, Manchester and Dublin.
This summer 9 scheduled airlines will serve 32 destinations, while 12 charter airlines will carry passengers to 30 charter destinations. For more information about the summer timetable, visit http://www.lju-airport.si/eng/flight_schedule.asp?mode=d&IDm=212