Modernisation of airport infrastructure

Two important infrastructure projects are currently under way at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport: renovation of the runway and widening of the main apron. A progress inspection was made today by Zmago Skobir, the CEO of Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d., and Ivan Zidar, the CEO of SCT, which is carrying out the work.

The construction work involved in the renovation of the runway includes the renovation of asphalt surfaces across the entire breadth of the runway over a length of approximately 3,000 metres (300 metres were resurfaced in 2007), the renovation of asphalt surfaces on part of the taxiways, construction work in connection with the replacement of the lighting system, and the installation of additional cable trenches. The renovation will above all increase the safety of the runway, which is 3,300 metres long and 60 metres wide. The runway was asphalted in 1978 and its last complete overhaul was in 1992, when a thin coating was applied. The work will take place in three phases. The current first phase will be completed on 25 June. Work will begin on phase two on 30 June and is due to end on 15 July.  During these periods a shorter runway will be used for take-offs and landings. The third phase of the renovation will be carried out over the course of a fortnight in the second quarter of 2010.
A second major project, the widening of the main apron, will be completed by the end of the summer. As a result of this project, the airport will gain additional stands for aircraft, a larger area for de-icing aircraft, an emergency access road, an internal petrol station and a modernised water pumping station for firefighting purposes. The existing main apron will be extended to the north-west by approximately 38,500 m2. This will provide the airport with five aircraft stands. The extended section of the apron will be connected to the existing taxiway by means of a new connecting section. The new aircraft de-icing areas on the south-western side of the existing apron will make aircraft de-icing procedures easier in winter. The 109-metre emergency access road will link the existing apron and the runway. An internal petrol station for the use of the aircraft ground handling service will be built on the south-eastern part of the apron. The project also envisages the modernisation of the water pumping station for firefighting purposes.
The combined value of the two projects is 14 million euros. The work is being financed in full by Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d., the airport operator. Ljubljana-based construction firm SCT was selected for the construction work in the two projects on the basis of Europe-wide invitations to tender.
The progress of the work was today inspected by the CEOs of the two companies, Zmago Skobir and Ivan Zidar. They were satisfied with what they saw, since the work is proceeding according to schedule. Following the inspection, Aerodrom Ljubljana CEO Zmago Skobir gave the following statement: "The runway is our key fixed asset and must be perfectly maintained at all times. Both these projects are extremely demanding in terms of organisation, since they have to be carried out in such a way as not to interfere with traffic or compromise safety. With these projects we are a step closer to realising our vision of positioning Ljubljana's airport as the leading airport in the region."