Exhibition Space in the passenger terminal

Our passenger terminal is being adorned with works of art of young artists. In the  We are displaying works of art made by children from 19 Slovenian and 3 Italian elementary  schools, who were creating their works on the theme of Space. The art contest was born on Jakob Aljaž Elementary School in memory of the academic painter Evelina Batista Abaza-Dada, who, as an art teacher, was expanding artistic horizons of young artists for many years. Thus, the contest is named Dada's art contest and every year there are more elementary schools joining it. Last year's exhibition, which was entitled Flowers, is adorning the premises of the Ministry of Education and Sport. However, since this year's theme is closely related to Space vehicles and hence to our airport's activity, we are pleased that our employees as well as our travellers will have the opportunity to admire the works of young artists at the airport.