Exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the first flight of Edvard Rusjan

It has been 100 years since the first flight of Edvard Rusjan, the first Slovenian aviator. Rusjan realized his first flight on November  11, 1909 in Male Rojice near Gorica with two-winged plane EDA I constructed by himself and thus wrote his name in history as the twelfth man in the world who flew a power plane. On the anniversary of this important event, which marked the beginning of Slovenian aviation, we are going to host a philatelic exhibition in collaboration with the Post of Slovenia and the Philatelic Association Lovro Košir from Škofja Loka.

The exhibition presents philatelic collection on the history of Slovenian airports and events in Slovenian aviation. The first power plane flight above the city of Ljubljana was carried out in 1912 and druing the World War I there were already several airports in the vicinity of the city. From 1918 on there was a military airport operating in Šiška and in 1933 there was another airport opened in Polje.  After the World War II, the airport post office in Polje got its own post stamp. Airport Ljubljana was opened on 24.12.1963 and last year the Philatelic Association of Slovenia marked the anniversary of the opening by publishing a commemorative envelope and using an occasional stamp at the Post Office Cerklje na Gorenjskem. There was an amateur commemoraitve  envelope created with a printed stamp of the Post Office of Brnik Airport as well as a stamp of the former Airport Post Office Cerklje na Gorenjskem.

Author: Borut Podgorsek, www.sierra5.net