Runway Works According to Schedule

Brnik, 13 April 2010 - The renovation of the central part of the take-off/landing runway is going on as scheduled.The progress of the construction works has been viewed today by Mr Zmago Skobir, the CEO of the investor, i.e. the public limited company Aerodrom Ljubljana, and Mr Ivan Zidar, the CEO of SCT, a contruction works general contractor.    

In the civil aviation, safety is always paramount. Therefore, all safety conditions have to be met, and a perfect condition of capital assets and equipment forms the basis for each airport. Accordingly, Aerodrom Ljubljana plc, a company managing Jože Pučnik Ljubljana Airport, has undertaken the renovation of the take-off/landing runaway measuring 3,300 m in length and 60 m in width. In a good weeks time works on the runways central part will be finished, thus bringing to an end an investment cycle in the basic airport infrastructure begun in 2006 and worth approximately EUR 23 million.   Apart from the take-off/landing runway, the investment also includes connecting ways, a taxiway along the take-off/landing runway, small aircraft parking apron, and the extension of the main airport ramp.   

Aerodrom Ljubljana plc has invested EUR 10 million of its own resources merely in the renovation of the take-off/landing runway. In a European public tender the company SCT plc has been selected as a general contractor.   The renovation works include the renovation of asphalt surfaces on the runway and on the part of taxiways, construction works for the replacement of thelighting system as well as the laying of additional cable shafts.   The renovation will increase the safety of the runway asphalted in 1978, and previously completely renovated in 1992 with a thin coating.A complex and exacting project is carried out in phases. The first and second parts, measuring approximately 1,000 m in length, on either end of the runway, were renovated last year.   It was possible to carry out these works without any major impact on air traffic flows. Despite construction works, the airport could then operate with a shortened take-off and landing runway and switched off instrument system for landing in restricted visibility conditions. On the other hand, the renovation of the third, central part has required the airport's closure.      

The works on the runways central part are being carried out for the eighth day in a row, having commenced on 7 April at 2 a.m.   So far, SCT workers have removed from the runway 20,300 tons of old asphalt layers and repaired lower asphalt layers (approximately 3,200 square metres of damaged areas and around 10,000 metres of cracks).   Upon finishing repair works asphalting has begun, and approximately 12,100 tons of mixture have been built in the runway until today.   Till the works end about 8,100 will be built in, in total the amount that will be transported by 804 lorries. Since the very beginning of the renovation, construction works are being done also for electrical installations as well as a set of electrical installation works for the replacement of lights embedded into the runway's asphalt surface and the replacement of cable connections with transformers. Accordingly, by the third phase's conclusion also 212 lights, 46 cable shafts and 42.6 kilometres of cables will be built in the runway.  

It needs to be stressed that all three phases of the runways renovation are indeed a project of excess.   In total, 48,371 tons of asphalt layers have been removed from the runway, and the same amount of asphalt mixture will be built in. Moreover, 125 runway edge lights and 472 runway centerline lights will be removed and refitted.    Furthermore, 121,000 metres of primary and 95,000 metres of secondary cables will be installed in the runway.  

Today the works progress was viewed by the head figures of both companies, Mr Zmago Skobir and Mr Ivan Zidar.   They were satisfied as the works are going on as scheduled.   Following the viewing, Mr Zmago Skobir, Aerodrom Ljubljanas CEO, said: "All project phases present an enormous organisational task. The general contractor has once again excelled itself. In spite of rainy weather in the recent days, the company is carrying out the plan in a quality way as well as sticking to the deadline. This means that the airport can be opened for air traffic according to schedule, at the latest on 21 April in the evening."