New Control Centre

During renovation of the take-off/landing runway, which took place from 7 till 21 April, Aerodrom Ljubljana carried out modernisation of some other airport systems. The most important of them is the completion of the renovation of the security operations centre, which is in charge of a complete video security control of the airport.

Providing a high security level and meeting high safety standards in force in civil aviation are crucial for the operation of an airport as well as an essential part of Aerodrom Ljubljanas mission.  The quality of the civil aviation security is on a constant rise. The latest improvement is the modernisation of technical control of the airport, which is performed continuously, without a pause, every hour of the day and every day in the week by the security operations centre using cameras and control of transition points.  

252 square metres of a building, once headquarters of the airport police, were refurbished and adapted to meet the needs of a new centre.  The refurbishment was an investment worth 435,000 euros which were spent on the adaptation and furnishings of the rooms as well as the purchase of additional technical security equipment.
The security operations centre began its operations back in 1999, when critical airport points were controlled by 38 cameras, while 30 transition points were fitted with access control. Building and upgrading existing airport facilities as well as increasing security requirements meant a rise in the number of cameras and transition points equipped with access control. Today, access control is fitted to over 100 transition points, while the entire airport perimeter has more than 200 cameras installed, of which 70 are high resolution ones enabling surveillance in night time and in restricted visibility conditions, e.g. fog.

All information supplied by the technical video control system is monitored in a new, technologically modernised control room.  Furthermore, other important acquisitions of the security operations centre are a storeroom for classified information, an archive and a crisis management room. The latter is appropriately equipped for managing the airport in emergency or crisis situations such as a plane crash.

Brnik, 6 May 2010