Exhibition INCOMPLETE in passenger terminal

Parallel to the artist's colourful compositions, which experiment with various formats and techniques, is a desire to reach both a younger and an older public. Employing modern techniques that belong to the field of pop and street art and making use of various recycled materials, the works point in the direction of the name of the exhibition: INCOMPLETE. This is not an area where techniques are strictly classified, typified, sorted into various subgroups and destined for specific social groups. Rather, they tend to move away from this and towards general new urban culture and the use of its symbols, where the rules have not yet been written and are therefore INCOMPLETE. This is reflected in a certain casualness. Indifference towards aesthetic quality and symbols and their placement on public buildings from palaces to shopping centres indicates the spontaneity of this action and the need for expression. These images now stand before you as a set of impressions from various urban, cultural and social environments and as the artist's naked spiritual interpretation of them.

The artist, Andrej Jakil, born in Ljubljana and working in the fields of architecture and fine arts, has been present on the art scene for several years. He has exhibited both in Slovenia and abroad. The language of his artistic expression is moving increasingly in the direction of pop and street art the language of the urban environment tending towards communication with the urban medium.

The exhibition is on until September.