Airport push-chairs

We make travelling with children even easier with free airport push-chairs. They can be found on the first floor of the departure area of the passenger terminal, near the childrens playground. Push chairs are offered to small children, since their own trolleys have previously been checked-in.
Transfer passengers are expected to be the most frequent users of the airport push-chairs, since only those with tag »Delivery At Aircraft« can be provided immediately after landing. All others push-chairs can be claimed with the rest of the luggage at the baggage claim.
Push-chairs are only provided for the use in the passenger terminal until boarding of the aircraft. If the passenger might need any information regarding free push-chairs, our personnel are available for help. Push-chairs are cleaned daily and returned to the first floor of the terminal by our personnel. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is now even more children friendly. For other interesting travel information please visit our travel tips.

Zg. Brnik, 17 november 2010