Air Accident Exercise

The Aerodrom Ljubljana, company that manages Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, today carried out an air accident exercise designed to test the airport services readiness to react to such an event.

A field exercise entitled Air Accident 2010 was held this morning at the airport in order to test and improve the organisation, readiness and capability of the airport services for protection, rescue and assistance in the event of an air traffic accident. It took place on site, as traffic to the airport took place according to the regular schedule, despite the exercise.

The exercise scenario envisaged a CRJ 200 aircraft of the Happy Flight company on a charter flight from Nice sliding off the runway on landing into the grass verge at around 8.30 in the morning and bursting into flames. The aircraft was first noticed by the traffic coordinator with the alert immediately called. The aircraft had 25 passengers and 4 crew members. On the aircraft 19 people remained uninjured, including the crew, while 7 were injured and 3 dead.

The aims of the internal exercise were to test:
- familiarity with the Protection and Rescue Plan in the event of an air accident at Ljubljana-Jože Pučnik among members of the airport services
- effectiveness and coordination of the plans measures
- alerting and activation of protection, rescue and assistance units
- management, leadership and implementation of actions such as firefighting, and identifying and rescuing injured people.

Regular training for the airport services is part of the Airport Protection and Rescue Plan in the Event of an Air Accident, as well as ICAO recommendations, and is carried out every one or two years.  External services are sometimes invited to participate in the training events. The last air accident exercise took place at the airport in March 2009.

An analysis was carried out after the exercise, which will be used to propose potential changes and improvements to the Airport Plan for Protection and Rescue in the Event of an Air Accident.

The only catastrophic plane crash near the airport happened on 01 September 1966, when aircraft Bristol 175 of Brittania Airways, due to badly adjusted altimeter, crashed into the trees. 98 of 117 passengers on board were killed.

Some photos from the exercise are attached.

Zgornji Brnik, 23 November 2010