Noise in the area around the airport can now be monitored “live” on the website

Aerodrom Ljubljana has set up an application on its website that enables the live monitoring of current data on noise produced by aircraft.In this way Aerodrom is working to enhance its solutions to the complex issue of limiting and monitoring noise around the airport.

The application, which shows not just the current state but also offers data going back 24 hours and aircraft identification, is accessible to all internet users and was created for Aerodrom Ljubljana by the company Hal Interactive of Kamnik. It offers simple graphic monitoring of the noise level and identification of sources and producers. The basis for the display is radar data on individual flights and noise data, which are continuously measured at four measuring stations set up at the most noise-burdened points around the airport, Šenčur, Lokarje and Lahovče.

This application, which presents the noise level in a graphic display, serves to enhance the solutions to the complex issue of limiting and monitoring noise in the area around the airport. To this end, certain limiting measures were already put in place and implemented a number of years ago. One key measure, continuous monitoring and measuring of noise, which also enables identification of violators, has already been implemented for two years, and three-monthly reports on noise pollution are continuously published on the Aerodrom Ljubljana website. The introduction of continuous monitoring of noise in December 2008 saw the airport at Brnik join more than 40 other European airports that have introduced similar monitoring of noise pollution.

The measurements and reports are provided by an authorised institution, Zavod za varstvo pri delu, d.d (ZVD - Occupational Safety Public Institute).Measurements are carried out through the collection of data on noise levels at measurement terminals, with sound recordings for individual events and data being sent continuously via the GSM network to the control centre, which is situated at the office of ZVD d.d. in Ljubljana. The control centre performs data analysis, and using various methods they determine the environmental noise burden, individual sources of noise and daily and annual noise burdens.

The noise monitoring system in place is a reflection of the responsibility that Aerodrom Ljubljana is showing with regard to the issue of noise and to local residents. It is part of the integrated approach to dealing with the issue of noise in areas around the airport, and will help improve the quality of life in neighbouring municipalities. At this stage it enables the identification of violators, and following the adoption of the relevant legislation it will also serve as a basis for implementing specific measures (restrictions on flying, charging fees).

Brnik, 23 December 2010