Authorised economic operator (AEO) status acquired

Ljubljana Customs Office recently granted us the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). This is an important recognition for Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d. in the field of customs simplification and security and safety. The status is valid throughout the entire territory of the European Union.
The European legislators’ aim for this pan-European project is to give recognition to companies that operate with high quality standards, are financially solvent, respect the highest standards for security and safety, and comply consistently with European customs legislation. The new status offers a number of advantages in addition to the recognition it gives our work:
- It confirms our company around the world as a secure and reliable business partner.
- We will be given a lower risk rating in supply chain risk analysis systems.
- We will undergo fewer physical inspections and documentation reviews.
- We will have lower requirements in terms of the quantity of data required for entry and exit summary declarations.
- We have acquired a more favourable status for use of simplified customs procedures.
- There is also the possibility of recognised status outside the European Union.
The procedure to acquire this status took a year, and included the submission of a wide range of company data to the Slovenian Customs Administration, the preparation of new internal instructions for employees and two audits by the Ljubljana Customs Office. The procedure was carried out in full by internal staff members.
Last year we handled 17,309.7 tonnes of freight at Jože Pučnik-Ljubljana Airport, which is 20.8% more than the previous year. The quantity of freight handled by Aerodrom Ljubljana has continued to increase in 2011.