Invitation to the Sonček stand with holiday gifts

On Fridays in the first half of December 2011 (on 2nd, 9th and 16th) between 8.00 and 15.00 the check-in hall, which is freely accessible to the public will host a sales stand with Sonček Association products.

The Sonček stand will offer for sale various articles made by hand by people with cerebral palsy from Sonček Centre Kranj. The products, which make ideal gifts (such as greeting cards, puppets, decorations, pottery and many more) in this festive month, are aimed at passengers, visitors and employees at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. Profits from the sales of these unique articles will be dedicated to help people with disabilities who work at the Sonček sheltered work centres as a reward for all their efforts. The Sonček Association and Aerodrom Ljubljana kindly invite visitors to come and see the Sonček stand in great numbers. 
These activities are organized as a dedication of Aerodrom Ljubljana to furthering its cooperation with the Sonček Association, which has been present for a number of years now. The cooperation started in 2006 via the Gorenjska Cerebral Palsy Society, which is a member of the Association. Aerodrom Ljubljana occasionally helps the society with donations and also includes its employees to support it in all sorts of ways.


Sonček, the Slovenian Cerebral Palsy Association, is a not-for-profit, non-governmental and apolitical national organisation for disabled people, which was created in 1983 by the Gorenjska Cerebral Palsy Society and the Maribor Cerebral Palsy Society. Originally an organisation for parents, it has developed into a professional organisation that operates in the field of protection for disabled people and implementing programmes and services for people with disabilities, professionals in the field, and the parents of children with special needs and their other relatives. This includes services at sheltered work centres and accommodation programmes in residential groups, as well as offering programmes such as rehabilitation, medical therapy colonies, holidays, counselling, education and transport. The association now unites 15 regional cerebral palsy societies, the Premature Baby Assistance Society, the Sonček Club and the Žarek Cerebral Palsy Sports Society. These societies bring together over 4,000 people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities and their relatives, as well as professionals from this field.
More information is available at: www.soncek.org

Brnik, 1. 12. 2011