Renovation of the business lounge

The existing passenger terminal received a partial renovation and expansion in 2007 to meet the needs of Slovenia’s entry into the Schengen Area. This expansion of the airport led to a considerable improvement in the standard of care for guests travelling in economy class; unfortunately, due to objective limitations the project did not manage to provide a higher standard for business travellers. Business travellers still use a business lounge built years ago; it does not provide a level of service befitting a modern airline passenger travelling in business class. The business lounge is too small; its decor is rather dated, and the offerings available in the lounge are also in need of improvement.

Because Aerodrom Ljubljana would like to raise awareness of the fact that it is a service company which places care for travellers ahead of all else, we will be renovating the business lounge. Preparations for the renovation have been under way for some time; actual works on the existing lounge will begin on Monday, 5 March and are expected to take 20 calendar days. For the duration of the renovation, a temporary business lounge will be set up in the Edvard Rusjan restaurant. Business travellers can access the temporary lounge from the ground floor of the departures terminal in the Schengen section of the airport. Passenger identification for entry to the business lounge will be handled at Gate 9; here, business travellers can also receive additional instructions and information about the operation of the temporary lounge.

Brnik, March 5 2012