Brnik, 25 October, 2003. Turkish company Pegasus is introducing flights from Ljubljana to..."/>


Pegasus - New Foreign Air Carrier at the Brnik Airport

Brnik, 25 October, 2003.
Turkish company Pegasus is introducing flights from Ljubljana to Antalya. In the winter season airplanes will carry mainly Slovene tourists going to Turkey to enjoy summer weather in the middle of winter. Most of the capacities have been chartered by Ilirika, the leading last minute agency in Slovenia.

On Saturday 25 October 2003 Pegasus started it's first flight in this season at the Brnik Airport. Pegasus announced regular charter flights between Ljubljana and the Turkish tourist centre Antalya. According to its business plans Pegasus will fly to Ljubljana on a weekly basis.

A Turkish airplane B373 with 189 seats will take off from Brnik every Saturday. The flights will run until the end of April 2004.

Matjaž Čede, Director - Ilirika Last Minute Centre, said:

»We have noticed that the demand for holidays in Turkey increases also during the winter, since the temperature in Turkey is like in spring-time. In this way passengers can combine holidays, journeys and trips.

Based on many years of experience we have estimated that it does not make sense for the Slovenes to fly from Graz, Vienna or Munich during the winter, as flights of equal quality and at lower prices can be provided also from Ljubljana.

An exceptionally high number of tickets was sold and there are practically no free seats available until November. This is why in co-operation with foreign travel agencies and Aerodrom Ljubljana we are intensely working on offering additional possibilities in the following months, namely holidays in the Mediterranean and even more exotic countries with flights from Brnik at prices below the "last minute" prices from foreign airports."

This co-operation with Pegasus stems from the strategy of Aerodrom Ljubljana aiming to increase the number of air carriers. The figures prove that we are on the right track, as compared to last year the number of passengers in the January-September period rose by 6% in total and the number of those transported by foreign air carriers by as much as 39%. The upward trend continues also in October.