Health alert notice

For international travellers returning from:

  • HONG KONG, Special Administrative Region of China
  • GUANDONG, SHANXI, TAIWAN, BEIJING, People's Republic of China
  • HANOI, Vietnam


During your recent travel, you may have been exposed to cases of severe acute respiratory disease syndrome.

You should monitor your health for at least 10 days. If you become ill with fever accompanied by cough or difficulty in breathing, you should consult a physician. To help your physician make a diagnosis, tell him or her about your recent travel to these regions and whether you were in contact with someone who had these symptoms.

For additional information during your stay in Slovenia you can call:

Institute of Public Health in Ljubljana: +386 (0)1 2441 410.

If you are already ill AND you were in high risk areas of South East Asia,

call Infectious Diseases Department, Clinical Centre, Ljubljana: +386 (0)1 522 50 50.