Last Minute center

If you have no idea where to spend your holidays Last Minute Center at the Ljubljana airport will help you find the answer

Brnik, 23 APR 2003.
Ljubljana airport the first Last Minute Center was opened in Slovenia offering a wide range of holiday destinations and air tickets at bargain prices 60% lower than those in the catalogues. The services include booking of air tickets and travel arrangements of all Slovene tour operators.

Those who chose their destination and travel arrangements only a few days before departing will now have an option to travel at a substantially lower price. Finally, a centre has been established in Slovenia offering services booked a day or two before departure at reduced prices. The majority of the so-called Internet carriers, doing business exclusively on-line, have already been pursuing such a strategy in the past year. The Last Minute Center at Ljubljana airport provides similar but somewhat upgraded services. "This is not a travel agency. The Last Minute Center at Brnik is more likely a tourist exchange centre, as it offers both air tickets and travel arrangements of all Slovene tour operators", commented Matjaž Čede, Director of Ilirika Turizem the opening of the centre.

This broader range of services was positively evaluated by Aerodrom Ljubljana plc as well. "Opening of the Last Minute Center is undoubtedly welcomed by many, which was also our main objective. By introducing new services and tailoring them to our customers' needs the airport will also satisfy the needs of those passengers who so far have not decided to travel by plane", said Jure Mežnaršič from Aerodrom Ljubljana.

Last Minute Center is open every day from 12.00 noon to 8.00 p.m. You may get all the information on available air tickets and travel arrangements as well as make reservations at the following telephone number: +386 (0)1 234 8888 or web site: www.lastminutecenter.si.

After making a reservation your air tickets and travel documentation will wait for you at the Last Minute Center at Brnik to pick them up few hours before departure.