Co-operation between Adria Airways and Aerodrom Ljubljana bore fruit: bargain prices of flights

On 29 March, 2002 Dr Branko Lučovnik, President of the Management Board of Adria Airways, and Vinko Može, President of the Management Board of Aerodrom Ljubljana, signed an agreement on co-marketing of flights from Ljubljana.

The purpose of this co-marketing is to offer the most favourable prices of air tickets and pertaining services so as to attract more passengers from Slovenia and from other markets in its close vicinity.

Some services of the carrier Adria Airways are now offered at especially advantageous prices, while Aerodrom Ljubljana reduced airport taxes and the parking fee at the airport of Ljubljana.

Adria Airways special price reductions are offered to young travellers up to 24 years of age, students up to 27 years old and individual passengers flying to London, Amsterdam, Zürich and Split. What is more, two persons flying to London together will get cheaper air tickets as well. By 50% reduced airport taxes and a lower parking fee at the airport of Ljubljana are a welcome contribution to this exceptional offer.

The above mentioned special common incentives are applied for flights in the summer 2002 time table.