Mr. Vinko Može awarded for outstanding entrepreneurial and business achievements by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

On 01st February 2002 Mr. Vinko Može, President and CEO of Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d. was awarded for outstanding entrepreneurial and business achievements by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. At the solemnity in Cankarjev dom the following exposition was presented:

"Vinko Može, awarded for outstanding entrepreneurial and business achievements in 2001, was born on 29 February, 1948 in Štorje near Sežana. He graduated from the Construction Science Faculty at the University of Ljubljana, winning the Prešeren Students' Award for his graduation thesis. His first job was at the police headquarters then organized within the Republic Ministry of the Interior. There he worked as the head of the Traffic Safety Department for nine years. Since 1987 he has first been the General Manager of Aerodrom Ljubljana and then the CEO and President of the Management Board, leaving his indelible mark on the Company.

At that time the Ljubljana airport was already becoming too small to meet the growing needs of air transport. Mr. Može, however, started an investment cycle, which has continued until the present day.   The way to Brnik's success was paved by one of his first decisions - namely to upgrade the existing airport facilities instead of building a new south terminal, which would have been technologically and economically unjustified, even though included in the then "social development plans". Since then the airport has radically changed in many ways. A giant step forward has been made at all levels, from layout to technology. Today the Ljubljana airport is adequately equipped, organized and staffed to process passengers, cargo and aircraft even in extremely unfavourable weather conditions 24 hours a day. Although the airport of Ljubljana is a small, regional airport according to international classification, it can compare with the most up-to-date European airports in terms of the diversity and quality of its services and its technology.

Under Mr. Može's leadership Aerodrom Ljubljana was able to successfully overcome the difficulties caused by the economic crisis in the former Yugoslavia, the Slovene War of Independence and the impact of the dissolution of Yugoslavia on the economy. In terms of the number of aircraft movements, the volume of air traffic is now greater than in the 1980s. Following the fairly complicated and lengthy ownership restructuring, Aerodrom Ljubljana was finally transformed from a socially-owned company into a public limited company and entered in the Companies' Register in January 1997. Today, Aerodrom Ljubljana is a completely independent company and has been operating without any financial support from the state for a long time. This means the Company's earnings are sufficient to finance its expansion, the modernization of the airport infrastructure and the optimal safety of the air traffic at the airport as well as to provide healthy profit for its shareholders. Investments were made to boost the Company's income and profit. Another turning point in the development of the Company was the decision to diversify into more lucrative commercial activities in addition to the core aeronautic business. Today these commercial activities yield almost a half of total income of the Ljubljana airport and represent an indispensable source of funds needed for further development of the core business. In brief, the shareholders can be satisfied with their investment, as ROE has reached nearly 10% and almost tripled in the last five years. Moreover, Aerodrom Ljubljana has adopted a development strategy up to 2005 and a vision up to 2010.

In the 1996-2000 period the number of employees in Aerodrom Ljubljana increased by only 9%, although in the same period the number of aircraft movements rose by as much as 64% and the number of passengers by 38%. The Company is aware that human resources are the pillars of development, therefore the majority of the employees participate in various training programmes.

Aerodrom Ljubljana fully meets strict international standards for quality in air traffic. As to catering for passengers, the Company is presently introducing the international HACCP standard, which is, as far as its requirements are concerned, equivalent to the ISO standards for quality. Aerodrom Ljubljana especially prides itself on the prestigious award which it was granted at last year's International Symposium on Air Traffic Safety in Miami, U.S.  for its significant and remarkable contribution to air traffic safety.

Vinko Može's managerial skills were made most evident in the process of adopting the new Aviation Act, which took as many as five years. Mr. Može also proved to be an adept and at the same time tough negotiator with the legislator and other interested parties.

How complex and strenuous these negotiations were is most clearly shown by the fact that it was not until the third reading of the Act in the Parliament that Mr. Vinko Može managed to put through the fundamental organization principle of contemporary European airports. According to this principle only one airport operator should be responsible for airport management and coordination as well as for the development of all other present at the airport. Therefore, it is mainly thanks to Mr. Može that Aerodrom Ljubljanas long-term business outlook is bright, ensuring general air traffic safety in Slovenia."