Novelties in the summer timetable

The summer timetable, which took effect for air travel this past weekend, brings novelties for Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. Following a winter break, the Finnish carrier Finnair will once again connect Helsinki to Ljubljana, while the domestic carrier Adria Airways is bringing back its flights to Paris. The number of flights from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport will also increase on account of Turkish Airlines, which will now provide daily service to Istanbul.

Under the new timetable, yesterday Turkish Airlines conducted the first of its two additional flights per week to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. To mark the occasion, the crew of the 128-seat Airbus A319, which touched down at 2:00 PM carrying 111 passengers, was greeted by the Commercial Director of Aerodrom Ljubljana. He presented them with a cake in the colours of the Turkish carrier.

“We are pleased to have been able to upgrade our cooperation with the carrier Turkish Airlines, which has been excellent since 2006. The enhanced connection with Istanbul is the result of the constantly increasing occupancy rates of their planes over the past period. Thanks to it, our region will be even more connected to the Middle East and the Far East, which is a key factor in obtaining quality access to rapidly developing economies; it will also have a favourable effect on flows of tourists to Slovenia. Together with the additional flights on Turkish Airlines’ route, we at Aerodrom Ljubljana anticipate 65,000 passengers per year,” said Janez Krašnja, Commercial Director of Aerodrom Ljubljana, of the additional flights. Turkish Airlines is among the fastest growing European carriers in terms of number of passenger; it offers the most flights in its network.

Finnair to Helsinki, Adria Airways to Paris
An important addition to the summer timetable is the return of the carrier Finnair. Passengers can now fly Finnair from Ljubljana to Helsinki six times a week – that’s two more flights per week than the previous year. This year, Adria Airways will once again connect the capital of Slovenia to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, offering daily flights.

Budget flights to London and Brussels
In the summer timetable, the budget airline Wizz Air will continue to connect Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport to Charleroi Airport in Brussels, with flights every Monday and Friday. Wizz Air will also fly to London Luton Airport, with flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, while the budget carrier easyJet will offer daily service to London.


Offering over 200 flights a week to 20 European destinations
In the summer season, travellers will be able to fly from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport on over 200 weekly flights to a total of 20 European destinations served by 7 regular carriers. They’ll connect Slovenia with some of the most important European capitals, and through their main hubs they’ll make air travel throughout the world possible.

New in charter flights: Tenerife and Morocco
This year as well, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport will offer a wide range of charter flights. New to the summer timetable are connections to Tenerife and Morocco. They’re an excellent addition to the popular tourist destinations in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Bulgaria, Tunisia and Malta already served by charter flights. This year’s charter season can be expected to be even livelier than usual, as Slovenia will host the European Basketball Championship.