Expasion of Apron

The Ljubljana airport has been promptly adapting to growing international traffic and increasingly rigorous ecological standards. This is why in 2001 we decided to expand the airport apron by 17,700 m2 and to modernise it. Thanks to this expansion two additional parking positions were obtained for the 'C' category aircraft (Airbus A320 - 34.4 m wingspan) as well as new positions for small general-aviation aircraft.

The enlarged apron is now covering 102,125 m2 with 13 parking positions.

At the end of the year 2001 two new parking positions were completed on the south-western side of the apron. The two positions will therefore serve also for parking and handling of large cargo aircraft, as aircraft handling operations will be speeded up thanks to the vicinity of the cargo terminal.

In order to facilitate traffic in the wintertime, one of the new positions features de-icing and anti-icing equipment, which is in compliance with the strict European environmental-protection standards. This position is separated from the rest of the apron by a drainage system connected to an underground receptacle for liquids used in these specific procedures. In summer, this position may be used for general aviation purposes, as it enables parking of twelve sports and business aircraft with wingspan of up to 12.2 meters.

At the same time new floodlight pillars for apron illumination were erected and the apron fire hydrant system was renovated.