Welcome to the official Eurobasket 2013 airport

The Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport prides itself on being the official airport for Eurobasket 2013. The attention of passengers and visitors is already being drawn to the largest European basketball event to be hosted by Slovenia, from 4 to 22 September, by many official championship logos and, during the airport’s open house, they were also cheered by the mascot, Lipko. 

As in many other places in Slovenia, a strong basketball vibe is now in the air at the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. Passengers are greeted on their arrival or departure by a large Eurobasket 2013 logo on the glass facade of the passenger terminal. The theme of the event continues as they walk through its interior, and occupies much of the advertising space in the public part of the airport. 

Last Saturday, during its open house, the airport was also visited by Lipko, the official championship mascot. He cheered the passengers and visitors with hugs and handshakes, mingled with the people taking a tour of the airport behind the scenes and tried his hand in the various roles of the airport staff. They were delighted by Lipko’s image, which embodies harmonious coexistence of nature and people, and hence Slovenia as one of the greenest countries in Europe.

In the coming months, anticipation of the largest sports event in the history of independent Slovenia will only intensify. “One of the reasons Aerodrom Ljubljana is looking forward to the European basketball championship is that it is expected to increase our passenger volume, mostly charter fliers from those European countries for which the distance to Slovenia means less convenient road transport. The airport is going to provide a warm welcome to sport fans and high-profile guests who will be travelling to Slovenia to see the exciting matches and, of course, to all the national teams and other basketball representatives,” commented Janez Krašnja, the director of the commercial sector of Aerodrom Ljubljana.

Brnik, 24 April 2013