Distinguished guests once again at Aerodrom Ljubljana. These days, as two years ago when the American president..."/>


Prominent guests at Aerodrom Ljubljana

Distinguished guests once again at Aerodrom Ljubljana. These days, as two years ago when the American president Clinton visited Slovenia, Aerodrom Ljubljana is getting ready for the visit by the two greatest presidents: Mr. Bush and Mr. Putin. The meeting of the two is indeed a great opportunity for promotion of our young state as well as for Aerodrom Ljubljana. At Brnik busy arrangements for secure and safe aircraft handling are already under way.

In advance of the main event, first co-ordinating delegations in charge of organisation and security have already arrived in Ljubljana. This means that three aircraft carrying equipment (two C5 Galaxy and one Tupoljev 154) have landed at Aerodrom Ljubljana.

In addition to these several other very interesting aircraft, rarely seen in Slovenia, are scheduled to land at Brink. Aerodorm Ljubljana will have an opportunity to handle the following aircraft types: transport aircraft C5 Galaxy, C17, Ilyushin 76 and Lockeed Tristar L1001 with a standard capacity of 400 seats.

These airplanes will carry accompanying delegations, press representatives, journalists, security staff and technical equipment.

The most interesting will by all means be the arrivals of aircraft carrying the two presidents. Mr. Bush junior will arrive in Ljubljana in the morning of 16 June, 2001 on the legendary Boeing 747-400 "Air Force One". As always, AF1 will be accompanied by the "back up" aircraft Boeing 707 for security reasons. The president Bush and his close entourage will depart from Aerodrom Ljubljana late in the evening of the same day to continue their European tour.

The president Vladimir Putin with his entourage will arrive by Ilyushin 96, whilst Ilyushin 62 will serve as a back up. The Russian delegation will be accompanied by an additional cargo aircraft, so the audience watching the broadcasting of both presidents' arrivals and departures will enjoy a nice view on the airport apron.  

Aerodrom Ljubljana already has wide experience in handling VIP arrivals and departures, as aircraft carrying (military and diplomatic) international delegations are daily seen at Brnik. Traffic through Aerodrom Ljubljana increased considerably after Slovenia gained independence and is still on the increase, particularly thanks to intensive negotiations on joining the EU and NATO.

Safe and smooth movements of VIP aircraft require not only top ground-handling services of aircraft and passengers but also close co-operation with security services: Airport Security Department, the police, customs authorities and all other professional services

* On Saturday 16 June, 2001 some passenger aircraft will be directed to other airports. Passengers are kindly asked to timely contact their carriers for detailed information.