Aerodrom Ljubljana bought an apron vehicle for disabled passengers

Similarly to other European airports, Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d. is increasingly paying attention to disabled passengers. These passengers are specially attended to by a ground-hostess, who provides assistance from the check-in counter, through customs control, passport control and gateways to the aircraft.

The passenger terminal of the airport is on a single level, thus enabling passengers in wheelchairs unrestricted movement. Toilets with wheelchair access have also been designed for them. When the parking lots for passenger vehicles were expanded, six specially marked parking spaces were constructed for the disabled. They are situated on parking lot no. 2, to the right of the access road

In the past, the transfer of a passenger in wheelchair to an aircraft posed specific problems. As wheelchairs tend to be wider than the passenger stairs of some aircrafts, we helped ourselves with a special seat-stretcher.

For this reason Aerodrom Ljubljana decided to buy a special vehicle. Disabled passengers will thus enter this vehicle at the exit to the apron; they will be transferred to the aircraft, elevated to its door and transferred on purpose-built wheelchairs (specially designed to fit the narrow aircraft cabin) to their seat. The inverse procedure will apply on the arrival of a disabled passenger at the airport.

The vehicle enables an elevation of 4 metres, which is adequate for small and large aircraft including the A-320, B-737, B-757, B-767 etc. that currently operate at Brnik airport

The total capacity of the elevation platform is 1,500 kg or 10 persons. The heated cabin has six spaces with wheelchair fasteners and one space for a passenger on a stretcher. 

The vehicle was manufactured by the renowned Italian airport equipment producer, Aviogei. It complies with the ISO 9001 Quality Standard as well as with the airport equipment requirements laid down by the international aviation organisations, ICAO and IATA. The price of the vehicle is SIT 33 million.

We are pleased to see that the new vehicle helps disabled passengers to enjoy a more comfortable and pleasant trip.