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The number of passengers on the Ljubljana – London route increases

Ljubljana Airport has analyzed the Ljubljana-London-Ljubljana route for the period from May to July 2004. This is the period in which the British airline easyJet has been flying to and from Ljubljana Airport. Results suggest a positive impact on the operations of easyJet, Ljubljana Airport, the domestic carrier Adria Airways and on Slovenian tourism in general.   

In 2003, the Ljubljana London route had approximately 44,000 passengers. When, in May 2004, easyJet came to Ljubljana Airport, the number of passengers to London increased significantly. Preliminary results confirm easyJet's forecast of 90,000 passengers on this route per year. The passenger profile is interesting. 75 percent of them are from England, which means 60,000 passengers or 30,000 new English tourists in Slovenia per year.

  Together with passengers who travel by our domestic carrier, the Ljubljana London Ljubljana route will have around 130,000 passengers by the end of 2004. This is almost 50 percent more than in 1999, when Ljubljana Airport noted the most traffic in history on this route.

  Before May, some people expressed the fear of a negative impact of easyJet on the traffic of the national carrier. The analyses showed just the opposite. easyJet has not reduced the number of passengers; on the contrary, it has even generated new ones. Increased numbers were also the consequence of good media coverage of the route, which was stimulated by SPOT, the organization for the promotion of Slovenian tourism, in which Ljubljana Airport has a very active role. The arrival of easyJet, and the reaction of Adria Airways to it, confirmed that the defensive measures to prevent a decrease in the number of passengers at Ljubljana Airport were right, commented Zmago Skobir, deputy CEO of Aerodrom Ljubljana, responsible for strategic marketing.

  Brnik, 20 August 2004