2004 Netko Gold Prize for Ljubljana Airport

On 24 November 2004, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awarded its Netko prizes, which recognize the best web pages in Slovenia. The gold prize for large businesses in the web portal category was awarded to Ljubljana Airport.

The seven-member jury, which made the choice from among some one hundred web pages entered, said the following in its decision:

"Ljubljana Airport's web page stands out in quality not only among Slovenian web portals, but also stands head and shoulders with the web sites of the most well-known international airports.
Ljubljana Airport's approach to using the World Wide Web is technologically advanced, because it uses the web as a nexus for a number of different mobile paths for transferring information to the end user. The information structure of the portal is excellent, making access to information for various target groups fast, clear and simple, while links to key information are always at hand for all users. The portal is functionally designed with a consistent visual format at all levels of the web site, and it also combines various tools and technology well. The contents are presented with a proper ratio between information value and length, and are enriched by external links to help the end user of the airport site.
All of these qualities, and especially their effective combination, contribute to the excellence of Ljubljana Airport's web site. The site takes an ambitious approach, because it presents not only services for chance users of the airport, but also provides a first impression for potential business partners. Ljubljana's airport may still be working to place itself on the map of Europe, but its web portal already enjoys a recognized position."

At the airport we were very pleased with this recognition, because in its own way it shows that our web portal has achieved the goals we established. These include informativeness, usability and adaptation to target groups, especially airport passengers and visitors. In addition to recognition, the Netko prize also represents a responsibility to maintain the excellence of our web portal in the future as well.

We constructed our web portal in cooperation with the Hal Interactive company of Kamnik, and the preparation of the Ljubljana Airport web site involved a seven-member project team comprised of Robert Rauch (project leader), Klemen Bogataj, Irena Habe, Marjana Jančič, Robert Mulej, Milan Primožič and Jani Lapajne.

Brnik, 25 November 2004