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easyJet launched route Ljubljana - Berlin

The leading low-cost carrier in Europe and the third largest intra-European carrier  launched its new route Berlin - Ljubljana on 25th November and will bring an affordable and reliable air connection between the Slovene and German capitals. Only seven months after easyJets first landing at Ljubljanas airport a new easyJet route in Slovenia starts to operate.

easyJet is the first airline carrier flying daily from Slovenia to Berlin. After great success on Londons route where easyJet flies on average over 7,500 passengers per month, they decided to open a new route to connect the German and Slovene capitals. Berlin has become one of the easyJets major European bases it is growing rapidly as an increasingly popular destination not only for leisure, but also for business. This combined with the fact that Slovenia has become a country of travellers which are not only looking for a pool or beach holiday, but are looking to experience culture and local heritage and regular weekend breaks in Europe, has resulted in easyJet starting this new route.

Yannis Capodistrias, Marketing manager for Slovenia for easyJet said:
It is expected that many Berliners would like to visit the city of Ljubljana and other attractions of Slovenia; as well Slovenes will travel to Berlin to get a taste of the city that never sleeps.

Vinko Može, the CEO of Ljubljana Airport, welcomed the new easyJet route: "We are very pleased to have this new route at the airport and have great expectations for it. With its London flights, easyJet has already shown itself to be an excellent partner for the airport, as is also shown by its new Berlin flights. I hope that this partnership, which is having a very positive effect on the development of the Slovenian tourist industry, will also expand in the future."

Brnik, 26 November 2004