A family adventure at the airport

Many times, it’s families who set off from the airport on their air travels. They set out to explore remote corners of the world, or on weekend getaways to European capitals; sometimes, children even brave the trip by themselves, without adults. That’s why Aerodrom Ljubljana, the company that manages Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport and sees to the satisfaction of its travellers, has a strong commitment to ensuring a family-friendly airport environment.

At the airport on time

If you are travelling with young children, it is even more important that you arrive at the airport on time. By arriving on time, you’ll have enough time to work with airport staff in arranging all the small details that will make your trip more pleasant and that will have you wanting to come back to the airport. While still at home, before leaving for the airport, it would be a good idea to double-check and make sure you have documents for every family member, even infants. Don’t let anything get in the way of the relaxing getaway with loved ones you so deserve! Parents of infants will find it useful to know that they can bring as much food as their child needs on the plane in their hand luggage.

Fun for little ones in the company of airplanes

Once they get through security, your children will certainly not be bored. At special children’s corners located at various spots in both the domestic and international sections of the terminal, they’ll be able to play on airplane-themed playgrounds under your watchful eye. To make getting from one end of the terminal to the other easier, the airport provides free use of its prams, which can be reserved during check-in. Put your pram in with your checked baggage, and the airport pram will be yours to use up to the moment you board the plane. Transfer passengers, who do not claim their baggage until they reach their final destination, also have access to the prams. Travellers with infants will find changing stations in the women’s bathrooms.

A care-free trip also for children travelling unaccompanied

When needed, children may travel by plane without being accompanied by an older person. In this case, the parent or guardian must drop the child off in person at the airport. Specially trained airport staff will assume care of the child, accompanying him or her up to the moment he or she boards the plane. Upon boarding the plane, the child will be entrusted to the cabin crew. Due to the possible occurrence of extended delays or flight cancellations, parents or guardians must be present at the airport until the plane takes off. When the plane arrives at its scheduled destination, airport staff will meet the child at the door of the plane and accompany him or her to his or her parents or to the person responsible for the child. The person picking up the child at the destination will be asked to present identification.

The next time you plan a family air-travel adventure, our staff would be happy to help! Contact us by phone at +386 4 20 61 981 or via email at info@lju-airport.si. You can also turn to the airline for additional information.

A Family-friendly company

Aerodrom Ljubljana also strives to provide a family-friendly environment for its employees. In the framework of the Family-Friendly Company Certificate, this year and in the following 2 years, the company will carry out 12 measures aimed at making it easier for employees to balance their careers and their family life. These measures include an open house at the airport for family members of employees, gifts for newborns, flexible scheduling during kindergarten orientation and many more.

Brnik, 28. 1. 2013