17th general meeting of shareholders

The 17th general meeting of shareholders took place on 6 June at the company’s headquarters. Among other matters, the shareholders decided on the granting of discharge to the Management Board and Supervisory Board, on the allocation of the distributable profit for the 2012 financial year and on the new members of the Supervisory Board.

The general meeting granted discharge to the Management Board and Supervisory Board. The owners of preference participating no-par-value shares in Aerodrom Ljubljana are entitled to dividends of EUR 0.74 per share and the owners of ordinary no-par-value shares to dividends of EUR 0.63 gross per share.

The general meeting also elected a new Supervisory Board of the company. The following were elected as supervisors for a four-year term of office effective from 9 July 2013: Peter Marn, Peter Grašek, Milan Perović and Nina Mauhler. Two members were elected to the Supervisory Board at the proposal of Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d. employees prior to the general meeting: Drago Čotar and Tadeja Strupi.

The general meeting was briefed on the investment in the new passenger terminal.

The content of the resolutions adopted can be found in this annex.

Brnik, 19 June 2013