Special flight offers from Ljubljana Airport - OPEKA

If you desire to explore the world destinations, many promotional offers of flights from Ljubljana Airport are available. Discover them below on dedicated websites from airlines.

Adria Airways


Direct flights from Ljubljana: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Podgorica, Prague, Pristina, Sarajevo, Skopje, Tirana, Warsaw, Wienna, Zürich.

First Minute offer from 129€  ---> http://bit.ly/29tbXLY

All special offers: http://bit.ly/29yE22q  

  Turkish Airlines


Atlanta from EUR 594
Bogota from EUR 699
Los Angeles from EUR 725
Miami from EUR 576
New York from EUR 530
Panama City from EUR 699

Boston from EUR 540
Chicago from EUR 550
Houston from EUR 596
Washington DC from EUR 540

More information: http://www.turkishairlines.com/en-si/ 

Air Serbia

Skopje from EUR 136
Beograd from EUR 136
Istanbul from EUR 195
Thessaloniki from EUR 264
Moskva from EUR 265
Atene from EUR 292
Sofia from EUR 315
Larnaca from EUR 346
Abu Dhabi from EUR 342

More information: http://www.airserbia.com/en/flights-to-ljubljana

Air France

MiNi Fares: To Paris already from EUR 120: http://bit.ly/1TpdBgI 

North America

Toronto already from EUR 571

Washington already from EUR 581

New York already from EUR 581

Chicago already from EUR 581

Montreal already from EUR 589

Miami already from EUR 604

Los Angeles already from EUR 776

Cancun already from EUR 857

Mexico already from EUR 904

South America

Rio de Janeiro already from EUR 639

Sao Paulo already from EUR 649

Brasilia already from EUR 759

Porto Alegre already from EUR 759

Buenos Aires already from EUR 789

Bogota already from EUR 819

Panama City already from EUR 819

San Jose already from EUR 819

Santiago already from EUR 999

Lima already from EUR 1039

Montevideo already from EUR 1139

Buenos Aires already from EUR 905

Other destinations in Europe and France: http://bit.ly/14itZG3

All special offers are available on www.airfrance.com


Low-cost flights to London: http://bit.ly/188hnWa  

Montenegro Airlines

Podgorica for EUR 109,66: http://bit.ly/1gagQSe

Beograd from EUR 198,88: http://bit.ly/1gagQSe  

  Wizz Air

Low-cost flights to London and Brussels: http://bit.ly/10MyhUW