One Million Passengers Annually for the First Time

For the first time in the airport's history, Ljubljana Airport has served its millionth passenger in a single year. This is a round number that has great symbolic value: it confirms that the airport made the proper moves in the past, and obligates it to undertake new development projects in the future.

The millionth passenger Irena Jernej, bought her ticket for an Adria Airways flight from Ljubljana to Frankfurt, and will take a connecting flight to Australia from Frankfurt. As promised, in honour of its millionth passenger Ljubljana Airport prepared a special reception and paid for the passenger's trip.

Milijonta potnica Irena Jernej ob razglasitvi

"The millionth passenger is a developmental milestone that we long anticipated, and we will use this to show that we are not lagging in development. New passengers spur us on to a new cycle of development with new goals, updated infrastructure and streamlined operations," said Vinko Može, the CEO of Ljubljana Airport, on the occasion. Traffic at the airport would not be what it is today if the airport had not made investments to update its infrastructure and develop its commercial services.

Passenger numbers did not grow to one million on their own. In the past decade the airport has enlarged its landing platform, renovated and expanded its passenger terminal, renovated its runway, extended its taxiway, updated its light navigation, built a general aviation hangar and airport platform in front of it, expanded its public car park, built a garage for airport vehicles for aircraft takeoff and landing, rebuilt its service road, added to its safety, utility, and energy infrastructure, and updated cargo facilities. All of these projects ensured a level of service that means that airlines are increasingly choosing Brnik rather than neighbouring airports. New carriers are operating at the airport: this year saw the arrivals of Malev (Budapest), easyJet (London and Berlin) and Air France (Paris). The goal of the airport is for airlines to operate here in the near future that will link Slovenia to Spain and Portugal, Italy, parts of Scandinavia and Russia.

Brnik 8 December 2004