Aerodrom Ljubljana among the recipients of the European Green Office award

The European Green Office awards were presented at a ceremony which took place in Brussels on 22 November. Aerodrom Ljubljana was among the winners, taking home the award for Best Management System at a green office.

As part of its participation in the European Green Office project, Aerodrom Ljubljana has stepped up its continuous efforts to reduce the harmful effects of its activities on the environment by implementing measures aimed at creating a green office. The environmental policy of Aerodrom Ljubljana has been enriched through the introduction of green practices in the field of office work. The systematic implementation of these practices was based on carefully conducted research into the pros and cons of maintaining current attitudes towards the environment. By raising awareness and encouraging employees to adopt a responsible attitude towards the environment while at the office and to introduce new measures in this field, the company has made a commitment to achieving the more efficient use of natural resources and waste management, improved air quality in enclosed areas, a sustainable policy of supply and material procurement and the increased use of sustainable forms of transportation. Prior to receiving the award, which is symbolically made of recycled circuit boards, in May 2013 the company also received a European Green Office certificate.

The European Green Office awards were awarded on the basis of a competition in which organisations from the six countries involved in the project took part. The project featured training and mentorship for green office managers. 22 nominees from all the participating countries were in the running for the awards, including small and large enterprises, non-governmental organisations and public sector institutions. Aerodrom Ljubljana was included in the large enterprises category, and received a special Green Office award for Best Management System. This recognition of efforts aimed at achieving green practices at the office places Aerodrom Ljubljana among the ranks of large corporations like Unilever and Tetra PAK.

The awards were organised in the framework of the NeGOSE (Network for Green Office Standardization in the EU) project, which is financed through the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme. The project brought together seven project partners from six European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia). The main goal of the project was to train green office managers in the public, private and non-governmental sectors with the aim of improving the environmental success of office activities. A package of tools consisting of a handbook, checklist for self-evaluation, eco-footprint calculator and virtual office was developed for the project.

In parallel with the European Green Office project, Aerodrom Ljubljana measured its carbon footprint and successfully completed the first level of ACA (Airport Carbon Accreditation) certification. The ACA project came about from an initiative from ACI Europe, the European trade body for airports, for the reduction of greenhouse gases in aviation. The ACI Europe certification is the only institutionally recognised standard for certification in the field of managing the carbon footprint of airports. For more information visit the website http://www.airportcarbonaccreditation.org/.

Zgornji Brnik, February 2014