Charge your electric or hybrid vehicle in the multi-storey car park

Aerodrom Ljubljana is attentive to the wishes and needs of those travelling through Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport; at the same time, it has made a commitment to reduce the harmful effects of its activities on the environment. The multi-storey car park at the Airport therefore provides environmentally minded travellers and visitors with the option of charging their electric or hybrid vehicles while parking.

Users of the multi-storey car park at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport will find two parking spaces that enable standard charging (six to eight hours) for electric and "plug-in" hybrid vehicles. Before charging, users need to receive a special charging card from the pay desk at the car park. The parking spaces with electric vehicle charging stations are located on the second floor of the parking garage and are adequately marked. Aerodrom Ljubljana offers a 20% discount on the price of parking for users of the electric vehicle charging stations. The discount may be redeemed when paying for parking at the pay desk in the car park.

Because Aerodrom Ljubljana obtains electric energy entirely from renewable sources, the use of the electric vehicle charging stations does not lead to pollution through greenhouse emissions. In the framework of the environmental policy it has adopted and its actions in the field of environmental management, Aerodrom Ljubljana has made a commitment to reducing the harmful effects of its activities on the environment. Thanks to the measures it has taken and the green practices it has introduced in its office work, last year Aerodrom Ljubljana became the proud recipient of a European Green Office award. By calculating its carbon footprint, the company has also successfully completed the first level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation certification. The ACI Europe certification is the only institutionally recognised standard for certification in the field of managing the carbon footprint of airports. It came about on the initiative of ACI Europe and its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the field of aviation.

Zg. Brnik, 25 April 2014