In November, Slovenia will make an impression on travellers at the Ljubljana airport

November at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is all about Slovenia. Travellers and visitors will feel it at every step: the airport has teamed up with its partners to offer choice Slovenian products at special prices, as well as other special offers and points of interest.

Throughout November, Slovenia will delight travellers and visitors at the Ljubljana airport. With its tastes, its sights and its playfulness. The shops and bars at the Airport will offer typical Slovenian products and will even hold tastings on some days. Airport guests can take advantage of special prices to get a head start on their holiday shopping and delight their loved ones with Slovenian products, or to find the perfect memento of Slovenia. The advertising space at the airport will also be all about Slovenia, and will feature impressive photographs of the country’s regions.

Regal GH, the company that manages the Travel Value & Duty Free shops at the airport, has introduced a new concept for presenting its offerings and shops for Slovenia week. Its goal is to liven up the atmosphere at the airport and to draw as many travellers as possible to its shops. In November, it is offering travellers a wide range of products of Slovenian origin, including wines from all the winegrowing regions of Slovenia, choice culinary delights (potica, chocolate, products made of Slovenian honey) and Slovenian oils and salt. Special focus will also be on I Feel Slovenia products. Shoppers can indulge their palates at tastings of renowned Slovenian brand names (Medex, Gorenjka, Goriška Brda, Vina Kras and more), while mascots (the Medex bee and the Gorenjka girl) are sure to put a smile on the faces of younger visitors. A truly enchanting prize draw is also being held. The lucky winner and a guest of his or her choice will be treated to a five-night package, including breakfast, at the Best Western Premier Hotel Lovec in Bled.

A hint of Slovenia can also be felt at some of the other shops at the airport, which will offer special souvenirs and chocolate products, and at the airport bars, which will prepare typical Slovenian sweets and snacks for their guests. Flyers with coupons that enable guests to take advantage of the special offers can be found at multiple points throughout the airport and will also be given to travellers when they check in for their flight.


We cordially invite travellers and visitors to get to know Slovenia... May it delight them and win them over.

Zg. Brnik, 11 November 2014