Airport staff welcome passengers in new uniforms

Passengers travelling through Ljubljana Airport can now admire the airport staff in their new uniforms. The revamped uniforms in a blue-and-white combination with a hint of green reflect a refined modern classic design and clean lines. Passenger satisfaction is at the top of Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d.’s priority list and first impressions play an important role in achieving this. With its new look the company also wants to become more visually attractive to its clients and to strengthen its reputation as a friendly and aesthetically pleasing airport which ensures that passengers have a pleasant start to their journey.

Aerodrom Ljubljana recently unveiled new uniforms for its staff. Airport users are most likely to notice our ground staff’s new uniforms during check-in and boarding. The new uniforms were designed in cooperation with Neža Gregorčič Žgombič, a personal stylist and the manager of STATUS s.p. In working on the new uniforms, the fashion stylist – who likes to leave her mark on her designs by using small, but distinctive details – focused on aesthetics, a sophisticated style and usefulness. The new uniforms retain the dark-blue skirts, trousers and jackets, while the shirts are crisp white. “Blue and white is always a sophisticated combination and engenders trust,” Neža Gregorčič Žgombič explained regarding her selection of colours. She spiced this combination up with a deep-green colour, which underlies Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d.’s corporate image. The business elegant style of the uniforms is topped off with striped kerchiefs and ties.

Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d. pays great attention to the satisfaction of Ljubljana Airport’s passengers and users. The revamped uniforms are the result of broader and ongoing efforts to improve its services in order to consolidate its reputation as a passenger-friendly and attractive airport with high standards.

Zg. Brnik, 25. 11. 2014