Passenger terminal receives permanent interactive aircraft exhibition

A new exhibition at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport offers airport guests a rich new experience. In the space where a bank once stood, travellers, visitors and aviation fans can now get a glimpse of the exciting world of aviation thanks to a permanent mini-exhibition set up by the Aquila Air Adventures club. Entry to the exhibition space is free, and the displays will be open to the public throughout the year.

The exhibition features photographs and items that depict the magical world of aviation and present the activities of the Aquila Air Adventures club. Among the more interesting items on display are a model of the cockpit of an Airbus A320, the radial engine of an old Gawron aircraft, a cross section of an airplane engine, military and civilian pilot equipment, instruments and instrument panels, sketches and photographs. The display expected to get the most attention is a flight simulator for a Soko Galeb g2. It will enable guests to experience the world through the eyes of a pilot. And to deliver an even more authentic experience, a direct line to air traffic control will provide real-time audio. There is also a children’s corner for younger visitors.

Photo: Miro Majcen

The exhibition space is free to view. Guests will have to pay a fee to use the flight simulator. The space will be open 365 days a year.

With its interactive content, the exhibition greatly enhances the offerings and image of Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. We feel that it will be of interest to travellers who are just passing through and other airport visitors, airport staff, and aviation enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The organisers of the exhibition make no secret of their wish to develop the exhibition space into an aviation museum at some point in the future. The museum would present the achievements of Slovenian aviation and suitably preserve this important part of Slovenian history.

In the history of mankind, flight represents an important motor for development. In 1903, the Wright brothers and their Flyer became the first in the world to successfully take to the skies with a flying device heavier than air. Just six years later, in 1909, the Rusjan brothers repeated the Wright brothers’ success at Rojce near Gorizia with the Eda 1. The event placed Slovenia at the very summit of technologically advanced nations. Yugoslavia, and with it Slovenia, long stood at the forefront of airplane development and construction. And it was the Rusjan brothers who paved the way.

A part of Slovenian aviation history has already been captured in the lobby of the passenger terminal at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport, which features a collection of four old-time airplanes – a Vrabec glider (constructed by Ivo Šoštarič, restored by Igor Bitenc and Ivan Mavec), a Jastreb 54 glider (constructed by Ivo Šoštarič, restored by Igor Bitenc and Ivan Mavec), a replica of a “Normal Soaring Apparatus” (constructed by Otto Lilienthal, replica made by Igor Bitenc and Ivan Mavec) and a replica of the Eda 5 (constructed by Edvard Rusjan, replica made by Albin Novak).

Photo: Miro Majcen


About Aquila Air Adventures:

The Aquila Air Adventures aviation club was founded in 2012 with the aim of preserving and developing the cultural heritage of aviation. The club’s ultimate goal is to establish an aviation museum that would serve to preserve this proud part of Slovenian history. Primož Jovanović is the founder and conceptual leader of the club. He is an aviation enthusiast and fan and a professional pilot. The members of Aquila Air Adventures follow the goals and vision of the Rusjan brothers. They have purchased two Soko Galeb g2 aircraft, one of which they have restored. They are also active in developing an aircraft known as the Flamingo, and are currently near the end of the test flight phase.

Zg. Brnik, 27. 11. 2014