Our Netko Award followed by an Izidor Award

In December 2004 our website won a gold Netko Award. Its excellence has now been confirmed once again this time by an Izidor Award. An expert jury singled out our website for the award in the Services category at the 4th Net conference held in Portorož on 20 and 21 January. Twenty websites participated in this category. Joining us on the shortlist were www.najdi.si and www.mojdenar.si.
The Izidor Award means a lot to Ljubljana Airport because, in the words of the organisers: The world wide web reflects and shapes the life of individuals and organisations. It is becoming an increasingly important support to our activities, in all aspects of our life and work. The Izidor Award rewards web excellence, a concept which combines three criteria: the aims of the project, the needs of users and the characteristics of the web as a medium and a communication environment. It looks for individuals and organisations in the Slovene environment who have discovered innovative ways of working, expressing themselves and communicating via the web.
Our website was designed in collaboration with Hal Interactive from Kamnik. The project group at Ljubljana Airport consisted of Janez Lozinšek, Robert Rauch (project leader), Klemen Bogataj, Irena Habe, Marjana Jančič, Robert Mulej, Milan Primožič and Jani Lapajne.

Brnik, 21 January 2005