Air Serbia doubles capacity at the Ljubljana airport

To mark the anniversary of its service to Ljubljana, Air Serbia, the Serbian national airline, has doubled its capacity. It now offers two daily flights between Ljubljana and Belgrade. Through its strategic partnership with Etihad Airways, an airline from the United Arab Emirates that holds a 49% ownership stake in Air Serbia, the Serbian airline offers Slovenian travellers a number of connections to destinations in Europe and throughout the globe.

December 10 marked the one year anniversary of Air Serbia’s daily flights between Brnik and Belgrade. In that period, Air Serbia transported a total of 36,307 passengers.

Starting today, the Serbian national airline will connect Ljubljana and Belgrade twice a day, adding a morning flight to its current evening flight. Through its hub at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, Air Serbia also offers a number of excellent connections to many destinations throughout Europe and to a number of other destinations in Etihad Airways’ network of flights. Travellers have expressed considerable demand for flights between Ljubljana and Belgrade as well as for connecting flights to all corners of the globe. Estimates state that the latter make up around 70% of passengers on the flights. And Slovenia is a popular destination for Serbian tourists. 

The President of Aerodrom Ljubljana’s Management Board marked the anniversary and the additional Air Serbia flights with the following words: “With the arrival of Air Serbia, the Ljubljana airport has significantly strengthened its connections with Belgrade and expanded its selection of flights to European hubs and, beyond, to the entire world. In 2014, Air Serbia made an important contribution to the growth of traffic at our airport. I am pleased that this airline is fulfilling the potential of the Slovenian market, expanding its offerings and enhancing the competitiveness of the Ljubljana airport.”

Travellers to/from Belgrade and Ljubljana will continue to fly with a 70-seat ATR 72. Those continuing their travels from Belgrade to other destinations with Air Serbia will fly with an Airbus A319.
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About Air Serbia
Air Serbia was founded as the Serbian national airline on 29 October 2013. It offers direct flights to 29 destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean from Nikola Tesla International Airport in Belgrade and also provides charter and cargo services.  Its partnership agreements with its 49% owner, Etihad Airways, outline flights under a common brand and cooperation, and enable Air Serbia to provide access to transoceanic flights to destinations in Asia, Australia and the Americas. The airline’s fleet currently consists of 10 narrow-body jets and 4 turboprop planes.

Zg. Brnik, 15.12.2014