Architect Ciril Oblak and the Airport Art Collection Exibition

Exhibition about architect Ciril Oblak and a part of Aerodrom Ljubljana’s art collection was put on display in Prešeren Award Winners of Fine Arts Gallery in Kranj. Ciril Oblak was a Prešeren Award Winner for airport passenger terminal building in Brnik and for Gorenjska oblačila factory building. Presentation of the architect was combined with a selection of artworks from Aerodrom Ljubljana art collection.

The first exhibition from the new cycle of presentations of architects and designers who have won the Prešeren Prize or the Prešeren Fund Prize is dedicated to the architecture of the airport building in Brnik, which was designed by Ciril Oblak, the winner of a Prešeren Fund Prize in 1975, who is quite well-known in his local Gorenjska environment, and in particularly in Kranj. He was awarded the prize for his renovation and adaptation of the airport building in Brnik, and for the Gorenjska Oblačila clothes factory in collaboration with Fedja Klavora.

The heart of the exhibition is a selection of 33 works by Prešeren Prize winners from Aerodrom Ljubljana’s impressive art collection. The Aerodrom Ljubljana art collection represents an important view and insight into one part of modern art in Slovenia, and also into the artists of the region of Gorenjska where the airport is located. Many of the works in the Aerodrom Ljubljana collection are by Prešeren Prize winners.

Aerodrom Ljubljana is not just a facility devoted solely to its primary function of ensuring public mobility and providing transport routes, but also adds value by means of the exhibition of a substantial and representative selection of Slovenian art. Because we are the first point of contact with Slovenia for air passengers, and the last when they leave, this mission has even greater significance.

The exhibition of part of the Aerodrom Ljubljana art collection at the Prešeren Award-Winners’ Gallery alongside the celebration of Ciril Oblak will show off our collection in another light, creating new relationships and adding new value to the collection itself. It is also a tribute to its creators and an example of good cooperation with the local community. We should not interpret it as an exhibition of a certain point in the past, but rather as a bridge to the present. It gives us the opportunity to rethink and redefine the art collection in a slightly different time and environment. It also embodies Aerodrom Ljubljana’s commitment to supporting Slovenian art in the future.

Exhibition catalogue is available here.

The exhibiton Will be opened until Thursday, 30 April 2015. The gallery is open between 10 A. M. and 6 P. M. on weekdays and between 10 A. M. and 1 P. M. on Saturdays. The Gallery is closed on Sundays, Mondays and holidays. 

Zg. Brnik, 25 March 2015